A stunning sunset taken 13th August 2005 in Witham

Taken on the same day looking north just a bit earlier

Taken 28th July 2008, a huge decaying anvil from a storm in Kent could be seen for miles. This was from Witham looking SE

This was the sky to the North on the same night

A sunset taken looking across the water in Ballywalter. June 29th 2008, a special day for me as it was the first time I'd ever flown

Taken 12th February 2005, an anvil highlighted by the sun looking east from Witham, they usually travel up from the south

Dusk late September 2005

Last sunset of 2005 taken at Walton 31st December

Sunset from Wickam Bishops boxing day 2004

Another stunning sunset taken in Wickam Bishops 24th March 2005

A whispy sunset taken again in Witham 5th August 2007

July and August 2007 had some very colourful sunsets, these next 2 were taken 14th August the second was taken a few minutes later and the colours had changed rapidly but just as stunning

These 2 were also taken 15th July 2007

These next ones were from the 19th July 2007 and probably the most unusual yet

This next one I took sometime in 2005 on my old camera but I don't know the date. It looked like a huge flame in the sky