Probably one of my favourite captures of an upper tangant arc, taken in Maldon 2005

Rainbow taken in Witham 7th March 2007

The lowest rainbow I've seen taken Witham 5th August 2007

I've never seen this before a rainbow in clear blue sky, taken in Cornwall September 2008

Some more rainbows taken in Witham although I've long lost the dates taken. You can see the two bows combine to define a dark region between them - called Alexander's Dark Band, in honor of Alexander of Aphrodisias who discussed it some 1800 years ago!

I zoomed in and enhanced the colours quite a lot on this supernumary bow. Came out quite interesting I thought

Maldon 2005

Irridesent cloud taken in Maldon 28th September 2005

A Halo round the sun taken 30th September 2005

A halo with a sundog on the left hand side taken Maldon 27th September 2005

Not quite sure if this one was a halo or tangent, answers on a postcard please. Taken Witham 30th September 2005

Tangent and a sundog taken Maldon 30th September 2005

These were taken on 7th October 2010, an upper tnagent arc and a sundog in Witham